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This 2oz premium quality Facial Oil has been designed to soothe, soften, hydrate, balance your tone and bring radiance to your skin. Formulated from ingredients that are natural emollients with the ability to improve skin’s moisture retention capacity. Highly beneficial for individuals with mature, dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin!

A powerhouse of antioxidants, Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene (a form of vitamin A) all work together in penetrating into deeper layers of skin, combatting free radicals, preventing damage to skin cells from harmful UV rays, improving skin tone, softening texture, and evening pigmentation.

Each ingredient is chosen for therapeutic and effective reason. Rosehip, Sea Buckthorn, and Sunflower Oil contain a high level of vitamin C antioxidants which stimulate collagen production, preventing premature signs of aging and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and Rose Otto, one of the finest essential oils for mature or dehydrated skin, provides a feminine aroma and gentle toning action that helps to strengthen the collagen-elastin network, while Meadowfoam Seed Oil naturally preserves this product!

This oil is exceptionally light, it absorbs into the skin easily without clogging or blocking the pores, and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, radiant and rejuvenated!

Apply 1 - 3 pumps to a cleansed face AM + PM!

Ingredients: *Rosehip Oil, *Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Rose Otto Essential Oil


Note: Being that we choose to use high quality, unrefined Rosehip Oil + Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, this oil stays true to it's natural amber color. When applying you may notice a glowing hint of color, this will fade over the efficient course of the oil absorbing into the skin.

*6+ month shelf life, keep out of direct sunlight.


(Brand name Madison Medicinal's is purely for creative usage without claiming to be FDA approved medicine.)

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