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This 5ml divinely aromatic blend of essential oils has been formulated to awaken your inner state of BLISS. With a top note of Bergamot, heart note of Geranium and a base of Ylang Ylang, this is a full bodied floral scent that will lift your vibration, help dispel depression, soothe your nerves, and encouraging confidence in ones self as well as harmonization of yin / yang energy. You may experience this oil to be deeply heart opening and healing as Geranium is said to be ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Ylang Ylang gently aids libido and reduces nervous system damage, perhaps endured through anxiety / heartbreak, while Bergamot encourages creativity, communication, and aids in relieving grief. Overall this blend strengthens etheric body, and offers joy and deep courage in oneself. This blend offers many other useful aspects as well as it is anti-septic and anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory.

Ingredients: Grapeseed oil*, Ylang Ylang*, Geranium*, Bergamot*, Sweet Orange*


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